1. On-Site Measurement

1This is the first and most crucial step in the whole process. Our experienced team will accurately measure your home, and based on it, we’ll help to design cabinets to maximize your space potential.

2. Design Ideas

2Design team begins rendering, to give you a glimpse of how your finished kitchen will look, including colors and design styles.

3. In-store Consultation and Quotation

3Visit our expansive showroom, and Our sales will show you samples, colors and design styles. When you choose your favorite one, we’ll give you an instant quotation based on your drawing.

4. Place An Order

4If you are satisfied with the service above all, you can place an order now and we’ll send what you want soon.

5. Home Delivery

5Everything will be professionally packaged and labeled, and our professional transport team will assure you that every cabinet you receive would have no any transit damage.

6. Home Installation

6An experienced installation team will come to your home and flawlessly install your custom-made cabinets.