About Us

Our quality merchandise is produced from our plant with state-of-the-art machine from BÜRKLE, HOMAG. That is the guarantee for top quality standard cabinets in affordable price.

In our showroom, our designers will listen to your specific requests and offer the appropriate solution. We provide everything like 3D kitchen design, countertops, functional hardware and anything else you might need to complete your entire project. We guide you through the project in a no pressure environment or pushy sales people.

To bring your new kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe from dream to reality.


Design Concept
The OPPEIN Home Group Inc., combines years of experience, a strong understanding of today’s home cultures, market trends and inspirations from design team members to create innovative and original cabinets designs.
OPPEIN believes that the comprehensiveness of the design team is a guarantee to a timeless and on-trend cabinet, so we have invited international reputable designers to join us to input different ideas, such as Italian well-known and creative designers: Ettore Tinagli ,  Marco,Sergio Castiglia。


About the protection of environment, OPPEIN abides strictly by the policy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. In order to demonstrate our commitment to protect the environment and reduce consumption, OPPEIN has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications on its quality and environmental management systems from National Standards Authority of China for many years fulfilling requirements.
For the health and safety of personnel, OPPEIN ensures every cabinet is health-friendly. Through experts’ detailed tests, the average quantity of formaldehyde emission from OPPEIN panels is 0.5mg/L, much less than the European Class E1 standards (≤1.5mg/L).